Nov 11

Why You Are Not Earning Money Online – 8 Reasons

You want to earn money online to pay your bills and have some pocket change at the end of it all? Learn why you are earning little or no money online.

Many people fail to earn money online because of various factors, e.g., lack of useful information, knowledge, failure to know what they want, how to get it, lack of business planning, time management, and total lack of focus.

Here are some helpful tips to help you start earning money online:

Plan To Earn Money Online.

Planning means having an “active” business plan. You draw a business plan not only to demonstrate that thought has gone into the whole business, but that it is also subject to revision regularly in light of changing business environment. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Set Out Time To Enable You Earn Earn Online

You won’t earn money online if you’ve not set out time devoted to your business. In my opinion you should set out at least two hours a day devoted specially to your online business.

Submit Your Website to Search Engines.

You aren’t earning money online because you failed to submit to search engines or you did a shoddy job of it.

You have to submit your website to search engines. There are very many search engines thus this is not a one day task. You could set out Mondays as the day you submit you website to search engines.

Advertise Your Business On Free Classified Websites.

You don’t earn money online because you failed to use free classified ads for online business marketing! You can’t earn money online if you aren’t advertising you business. If you have no budget to buy advertising space don’t you ever worry for you have a better option? Advertise your business on the free classified websites. You can set out this task for Tuesdays. Place hundreds of ads on a dozen niche websites every week.

Use Ezines To Promote Your Business.

Submit SEO articles or newsletters to free Article Directories and Ezine Publishers. This is one of the most effect ways of promoting your business. Some ezines have a weekly circulation of over 10 million subscribers. Image that exposure. Work with several free ezines and see what happens to your business. This you can be doing on Wednesdays.

Join online Groups and Forums.

This action will allow you to share you strength and weaknesses with your niche peers. Here you get help and you get to help other people too. Write and post at least once per week to various groups, e.g., Yahoo groups and forums. Let’s reserve this task for Thursdays. Take your time before you start contributing to understand how things work. Ask for help or questions here because you belong.

Make Good Use of Message Boards.

Submit your business to various business boards. Put messages out there via the message boards. This can be done on Fridays.

Keyword Research earns Money Online.

Always make good use of popular keywords people use to search for your niche using Google. Google “keyword tool” is a great tool for keyword researching.You aren’t earning money online because you don’t use keywords properly. Use keywords creatively in your classified ads, articles, newsletters and messages. Keywords are the lifeline of business online and without proper use of keywords you’re doomed to fail online. Let’s do keyword research on Saturdays.

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