Nov 18

What Are Realistic AdSense Earnings

We have all seen them, ads from dodgy websites boldly stating one potential AdSense earnings or another. Values in the thousands per month are often quoted with ease, further reinforcing the idea that achieving decent AdSense earnings is simple and easy. Unfortunately, the reality of AdSense isn’t has simple.

What these ads don’t tell you is how much work is involved in attaining AdSense earnings in the region of thousands of dollars per month. There is no easy way to legitimately earn that kind of AdSense cash monthly.

So what are realistic AdSense earnings? How much can you expect to earn if you are new to AdSense and are considering joining the scheme?

These are the facts that the ads don’t tell you. On average an AdSense publisher makes less than $0.50 per click. This figure in many ways shapes most publishers approach to AdSense. For anyone to get decent AdSense earnings, they need a lot of traffic passing through their sites. AdSense is basically the monetization of traffic. The more traffic passes through a site, the more its potential AdSense earnings.


You might think that reasonable traffic levels might be enough to make substantial amounts of AdSense cash but in reality this isn’t the case. This is because most people passing through sites don’t click on ads; they are either not seen, or they are deliberately ignored. Therefore, most sites have click through rates of less than 5 per cent. In fact if only 2 per cent click on the ads on your site you’re considered quite lucky. However, click through rates can vary markedly depending on various factors such as the position of the ads on a website, the website theme and the quality of the content present on the site.

So how much traffic do you need, to have AdSense earnings in the region of $1000 a month like the some of the ads claim?

If a publisher was delivered ads that were in average $0.50 and they had generous Click-Through-Rates (CTR) through their site of about 5% they would need about 1400 visitors per day, that’s about 42,000 people a month. Of course if your site is delivered ads that have Cost-Per-Clicks (CPCs) in the range of $1.00 you will only need half the number of people (700 visitors) make the same amount of money.

In the internet world this is an incredible number of people and is not easy to achieve quickly without breaking the rules.

But it is achievable.

However, even the best AdSense publishers will struggle to get these kinds of numbers passing through a site in less than six months. A diligent beginner, who is organized and talented, would have to work incredibly hard to get AdSense earnings around $1000 a month in less than year.

So as you can see attaining decent AdSense earnings like any other business requires some patience. Realistically, good potential AdSense earnings require a lot of hard work and determination to achieve. Anyone thinking about joining AdSense should be aware that making decent AdSense cash is not as easy as some of the ads and websites selling dodgy services suggests.

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