Nov 24

Ways To Earn From Your Photography Hobby

Its quite natural that you’ve bought a camera about a year ago. And you two are inseparable for ever! Therefore it naturally means that you’ve now turned into a practiced photographer! So why not utilize this hobby as one of your main income streams? To know more, to earn expertise & to receive a great cash monthly, tips provided in this article has no good alternative! (Just kidding!)

You should earn the expertise & little investment required

  1. Scared about the word ‘expertise’? For getting more tips, tricks & techniques.
  2. If you want to make this photography a full-time money generator, which is going to exceed your current income, then little investment is necessary. You are here to buy precious lenses, light settings etc.
  3. Decide what kind of picture you like to capture! Then it would be easier for you to kick the goal at the middle.
  4. Never try to do some illegal hobby with your photography skills. Do not capture the picture that is harmful for any people of any ages!

Join istockphoto.com

You can sell your exclusive photos online. This is a cool concept where you earn money by letting your photos to be purchased. Designers (both software & web designers) need photos for their projects and one of your pictures can be sold to many authors. You can sell your photos on sites such as iStockPhoto.


This is also not a bad platform to submit your photos and earn some good money. This way of earning is very simple. You should submit your photos & start earning royalties and per view.

Your blog could be the best to earn

If you already own a blog then you can insert your OWN photography inside the posts to make them very rich. Or, if you do not own a blog then its a good idea to start your first blog with the keyword (topic) of Photography Blog. Photography blogs are very easy to create as no writing is necessary and also no articles are needed to be purchased. Just you need is to insert photos after setting it in WordPress (a blogging software).

Remember the title of this post. I told this because if you can mange to get traffic from various places (such as- Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc.) then it is easy for you to install AdSense Ads (Free product from Google which you can place in your blog and earn easily.) and earn hundreds of dollars monthly which you’ll receive as a money cheque.

Thus it is understood that your blog can earn a HUGE amount of money for you. But if there’s no people to visit your blog, then your this method is dead. So it is required to do some advertisements by placing banners in different famous websites.

You need the both for income

Many people yet may not be creative enough to start their blog and earn plenty from it, so they can use the former two methods including this blogging method to earn from photography.

Therefore, it is proved that – Istock Photo+ ShareApic + Blog= $500/monthly minimum.

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