Jun 04

Ways to earn extra money: doing extra work

Which?’s survey found that 6pc of members were doing overtime or additional work of some sort to supplement their income. Here are some options for making extra money.

Completing Surveys

Many research agencies pay a small amount to people who complete surveys online for them (starting at 10p, depending on length of survey).

You have to register with them and provide some details. They contact you when a survey fitting your profile is available. You accumulate your rewards in an account which are then paid in cash or vouchers when they reach a certain limit.

Market Research

You can get paid for taking part in focus groups – around £30 as a rough guide. Contact market research agencies to find out more.

Dog Walking

There is money to be made if you’re prepared to take responsibility for other people’s dogs. You can find yourself a market through local advertising or word of mouth. Pay varies by area but a rough guide is £10 for a half-hour walk (and you can take more than one dog).


It’s best to do this through agencies such as www.housecarers.com that take care of insurance and paperwork. People pay for other people to mind their homes and tend their pets and plants while they are away for an extended time, or to be there for a day to wait for a tradesman.

You might earn around £25-£30 per day plus transport costs, and you earn a bit more for each pet you look after.


This is not just for cash-strapped teenagers. If you are patient and comfortable around children, you can earn around £8 per hour.

Selling Your Photos

You can send your digital photos to online photo agencies and you will get paid if your photos are used. If you’re interested in doing this, there are tips online on how to increase the chances of your photos being used. There are many sites out there but you could try www.alamy.com or www.en.fotolia.com.

Growing Your Own

If you’ve got green fingers and grow more than you need, you could sell to friends and neighbours or even to a local shop. Local farmers’ markets are also springing up all over the place and may be worth trying. You can sell plants on eBay.

Selling Your Crafts

If you’re particularly good at baking, knitting or sewing etc, you could consider selling what you make. Arts and crafts online store www.etsy.com exists to sell home crafts. It’s US-based but operates internationally. You can also sell your goods on eBay.

Life Modelling

If you’re happy sitting for hours with no clothes on, you could be a life model. Contact your local art college. As a rough guide you might earn £15 per hour.

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