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The Top 10 Diets

There are literally thousands of different diets available to try so to help narrow down your choice to the best ones available I have created the Top 10 Diets list. I decided to do a top ten rather than simply name one product because not everyone wanting to go on a diet has the same needs. This list contains diets that are perfect for mums looking to get back into shape, people who suffer from diabetes, those wanting to lose weight quickly and of course the diets which are guaranteed to work for everyone if followed.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

The most popular internet diet available Fat Loss 4 Idiots claims that you will lose 9lbs in 11 days following this guide. Amazingly the claims are actually true. The idea behind the diet is that by using certain eating patterns your metabolism will burn food more quickly.

If you want to lose weight quickly this is definitely the diet for you however I wouldn’t recommend it as a permanent diet only to reach an initial weight loss target and then I would suggest changing to a healthy balanced diet to keep the weight off.

The Low GI Diet

The Low GI diet gives you 75 mouth watering recipes using low glycemic foods that can be picked up from your local supermarket. They are all very easy to follow so don’t worry it isn’t like you have to be Gordon Ramsey to get the most from this diet.

The results of the diet are very good and also include health benefits especially for those with diabetes or heart problems. All the diet really lacks is a great exercise section to really boost your weight loss but the taste of the recipes alone is worth the purchase price.

Fit Yummy Mummy

Fit Yummy Mummy offers everything a mum wanting to get back into shape could want to make just that happen. Mums have little time so the fact that each workout plan in this guide takes no more than 90 minutes a week is great. Everything else including the nutritional section is extremely easy to follow and very well written. Follow up emails are also great for keeping you motivated.

The Fit Yummy Mummy is of course aimed at mums and therefore it is highly recommended for them. Others will still get some great information and workouts too but won’t get quite as much from it.

The Cookie Diet

It’s easy to think off this diet as being a ridiculous diet but just looking across the weight loss forums shows you can’t really argue with the claims The Cookie Diet makes. Basically you eat 6 specially designed cookies a day whenever you feel hungry to suppress your hunger plus one meal a day. The cookies certainly suppress your hunger and certainly work although they aren’t the best tasting cookies in the world.

Of course like most fads this is aimed at those looking to loose weight quickly which this certainly does. Like Fat Loss 4 Idiots it is not recommended to use this diet over a long period of time but for fast results it works great.

Negative Calorie Diet

The idea of the Negative Calorie Diet is that certain foods contain less calories to eat than they use to digest. In other words if an apple has 60 calories and it takes 100 calories of energy for your body to digest it then you have actually burned more calories than you have eaten hence why they are called negative calories.

The diet is very easy to follow and the results are fairly fast if done properly. If you want to exercise as well you will need something else to help you along but otherwise this is highly recommended.

Fit Over 40

Fit Over 40 isn’t so much a diet guide as a fantastic motivational tool and since motivation is where many fail with there diets this is priceless. Rather than being based on the results of some exercise junkie this draws its sources from over 50 everyday over 40’s showing how they succeeded in getting fit and staying fit.

Fit Over 40 is a great read and if this doesn’t get you in the right frame of mind and get you motivated then I don’t know what will. Although aimed at those over 40 I see no reason why this wouldn’t motivate anyone to success.

The Truth About Abs

The Truth About Abs is a great guide if you are looking for more than just losing weight. This is for those that want to go a little further and have a great body too. The good news is that this isn’t done with over rigorous exercises but easy and quick techniques.

The package is great value for money as several fantastic bonuses are also included worth over $200 so it is certainly worth taking a look at.

Fat Fighting Foods

Fat Fighting Foods offers a list of over 100 foods that burn the most body fat. The foods are a mix of negative calorie foods, low GI foods and general healthy foods. You are also given a great step by step plan of how to put the list into action and get you losing weight.

Fat Fighting Foods offers a good plan which works although may be not as well as if you did one diet plan and stuck to it rather than the mix and match on offer here.

Turbulence Training

More exercise based than the other diets here but the results are still great. Turbulence Training consists of you doing 45 minute workouts three times a week from the comfort of your own home. The system definitely works and the workouts are fantastic but as I said it isn’t for everyone looking to lose weight and get in shape.

Turbulence Training does all it sets out to do and if it is an exercise program you are looking for more than an actual all round diet then this is a great option.

That concludes the top 10 diets available on the internet today. No matter what your aims there will be a diet above that is right for you.

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