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The HCG Weight Loss Diet – Why it Works

Ever since the beginning of time people have been obsessed with their weight. Because of this obsession clinics have been setup, new diets have been created, and millions of people swear by different methods. In the past few years a few of these different diets include the Beach Diet (choosing low-carbohydrate foods), the Atkins Diet (radically reducing carbohydrates), the baby food diet (replacing some meals with baby food) and the Master Cleanse (adopting a liquid diet comprised mainly of lemon or lime juice).

New diets can grow very quickly in popularity and as the media reports on how successful these new found diets work and their success people begin adopting the new diet and soon you hear many stories of people who have slimmed down their weight and testimonials are plentiful. Soon the media stops reporting about the great effects of a diet and begins reporting on the health implications that often involve cutting out much-needed food groups, or eating only a certain food or food group. Once this starts you begin finding stories about people who tried the diet and never lost weight, or people who did the diet, lost weight, and then gained it all back. Once this happens a new diet is found and people move on to the new and greatest thing. These cycles are known as Diet Fads.

Diet fads have been around for years, they started back in the 1920s when overweight consumers looking to trim down their body size were marketed with “reducing soap,” which promised to eliminate fat on any part of the body that was washed with this amazing reducing soap. Beginning in the 1920s through to the 1950s people would take part in the tapeworm diet, all you had to do was eat a tapeworm and the diet was complete. The theory behind it was that the tapeworm would also partake in eating your meals, albeit from the comfort of its home in your intestines.

In recent years many new diets have been started by doctors, so it goes with diet trends and devices of yesteryear. One of my favorite diets was developed in the mid-1950s, a Swedish doctor developed a fat reducing vibrating belt that you simply wore and the person would just have to stand there and let the belt shake loose all those pounds you wanted to lose. In the 1920s, Babe Ruth himself often used similar vibrating-belt devices to lose weight, and the results are very evident, just look at pictures from his career and you’ll notice those pounds remained evident throughout his career.

A new diet has recently started to circulate in the United starts what promises to help you remove 1-2 pounds per day and depending on the person it may be even more. It’s called the HCG diet. It was developed Doctor Simeons who believed that a hormone found in a pregnant woman’s body could not only help overweight men and women lose those excess pounds but also keep that weight off after returning to a normal routine. Unlike all those previous diet fads since HCG is a hormone that naturally occurs in a human body to reduce weight it is not only safe but has worked from the beginning of time. As I mentioned earlier diet fads go in cycles, new diet developed, people try it and for some it works, eventually health implications and the lack of consistency kill off the diet. HCG has bucked the trend. If you are looking for a diet that is simple, proven, and has no health implications other than you losing weight and the self confidence that come along with that then HCG weight loss drops are the diet you are looking for.

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