Nov 10

The Best Ways to Earn Money Immediately

People always want the money. They will kid themselves they’re trying to build a solid business but in reality all they’re looking for are the best ways to earn money immediately, if not sooner.

Most of my subscriber’s questions relate to how to get money NOW. Yeah, they’ll tell me they’re prepared to put in the work, that they’re willing to ‘earn’ it. But what that usually means, is that they’re prepared to put up a link somewhere in a really crappy article (that they’ve swiped from somewhere else), and then do the same thing next week with a different link because their first crappy attempt didn’t make them rich.

The trouble is that the best ways to earn money immediately aren’t the best ways to build a long term, secure, online home business. So you have to make a choice. Do you want money now, knowing that in a few weeks or possibly months, you will have to repeat the process, and go out and find another method/product that will earn you some more money? Or do you want to put in some effort to building a solid, viable, long term home business so that you can earn money effortlessly and not have to keep starting from scratch?

I tried the first choice. And I made some money. But never enough, and never consistently. So I always had to go out and find another way or another bright, shiny, money making opportunity. And honestly folks, the reward for the amount of effort and energy and time that it takes to go down that route just isn’t worth it.

As soon as I shifted the focus away from ‘how to earn money’, and concentrated instead on how to provide value to myself and others, the money just started coming in. Was I earning it? I guess that depends on your definition of ‘earning’.

I wasn’t spending my time sending a zillion spammy emails anymore. I quit with trying to convince everyone how great XYZ was. Instead my time was spent trying to figure out how to create a capture page, how to set up an autoresponder, how to write a good article, how to create good videos, how to automate my marketing, how to build real relationships with folks I’d never met…

As weird as it sounds, once you quit looking for the ‘best ways to earn money immediately’, and start looking for the ‘best ways to learn the real skills’ that you need, then you’ll actually be quite surprised by just how much money you can earn immediately.

It doesn’t take long to learn the skills you need, if you put in the effort. And because so few folks bother to learn anything, you’re streets ahead of most of the competition.

Ok, I will now stand down off my soapbox, but if you’re looking for the best ways to earn money immediately, go learn some skills that will let you earn some money next week. Once you’ve learned those, go learn some more that will allow you to earn more money the following week. Keep repeating these steps until you can earn money whenever you feel like it

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