Oct 24

The Atkins Diet – What Is It And How Can It Work For Me?

The Atkins Diet was developed over ten years ago by Dr. Robert Atkins, an American heart specialist, for patients who needed to be operated on but could not because of their excessive weight. With his diet plan it enabled patients to lose weight quickly so surgery was possible and patients could be undertaken. As a result it was released to the public and soon became one of the most controversial and successful diet plans on the planet. Helping countless people loose weight dramatically.


The diet works by changing the body’s metabolism with the digestion of different food products. So, the Atkins Diet is a high-protein, high fat, and a very low-carbohydrate dieting plan. For those who love a fried breakfast on a Sunday morning it is ideal, as you do not cut out all the foods you love. What it does it attempts to trick the body into burning the fat that is stored within the body as carbohydrates, so they are consumed as energy and not just stored there as a fatty tissue.

Also, part of the Atkins Diet plan is that exercise is recommended, so it is common that dieters with this plan will in fact lose weight and keep fit. One drawback or complaint about the plan is that it does not concentrate or limit the amount of fruits and vegetables to be taken and, therefore, because it becomes not the normal intake or regular intake for dieters, it can become a bit of a psychological no-no. Although vitamin and mineral supplements (which can be taken together with the diet plan or gained through the food that is in the diet plan), are advised to be taken during the course of the diet as essentials for the body’s vital use.


When the diet plan came out, it caused a lot of controversy, partly because no one had attempted to tell people that you don’t have to cut out high protein and high fat. That seemed against all principals of dieting. In the past, carbohydrates and fatty products were considered a definite no-no and to avoid, with the Atkins Diet plan, they actually recommend concentrating on certain foods, which were restricted on other diet plans. It is probably one of the most successful diet plans to come out in recent times. The sales of books and diet plans have probably been enormous. So it has had an impact on society and it has been used a lot to restrict weight loss.

But with any sort of diet plan, especially one that has been a controversial issue as this it’s always advisable to seek a doctor’s advice or a health visit to see if the plan would work for you. If you have any health problems, it may or may not be advisable to go on this dieting plan. Whatever your situation, it can be highly successful to whoever takes it up, not only in losing weight, but also with the exercise benefits suggested combining it with the dieting plan.

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