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Tesco Diets Review – Online Dieting, Weight Loss and Healthy Diet Programme That Work

Tesco Diets, owned by UK retail giant Tesco Group, saw that there is a niche in the UK market for healthy diet and fitness programme.

In the last 2 years, Tesco Diets has expands from a basic humble beginning to become a well known UK dieting household name. One of the many reasons of their success is their ability to deliver the needs of the dieters via a series of diet plans that designed to help them lose weight or even gain weight if they want to, and maintain healthy living. So, what exactly do you get by joining Tesco Diets? Below I summarised the features of their programme:

Tesco Diets Meal Plans

Tesco Diets have over 16 different diet plans for online dieters to choose from. Among those, three of the most popular and favourite meal plans are Low Salt diet plan, Light Choices plan and Gi diet plan. But the greatest success should be the Low Salt diet plan. Why? Because this plan is specially tailored for those people who have experiences high blood pressure and want to lose weight in order to enhance their health. Nearly 3.5% of the dieters who joined, managed to lose 10% of their weight.

Tesco Diets Support Teams

Tesco Diets have a team of professional nutritionist experts that will help you all the ways to success weight loss and stick with your diet plan. They offer great support handling any queries you have and provide you useful nutritional information. Besides that, you can also get lots of useful supports and meet friends by attending in their member only chat room, where you can chat to other members, as well as nutritionist expert in a one-to-one basis. After all joining Tesco diet programme is not all about losing weight.

Tesco Diets Offerings

When you join Tesco Diets programme, you will be given your very own personalised meal plan plus a weekly shopping lists, to help you achieve your diet objectives and targets. You are 100% in control on the type of meal plan. If you don’t like it, you are always got the option to choose from their 16 different personalised diet meal plans that specially designed to suit your eating habits.

Another great thing about Tesco Diets is their weekly online weigh-in. You can carry out the weigh-in at the comfort of your own home without worry of embarrassment. You will get feedback and comments from the support teams to assess your progress. Furthermore if you have any concerns, you can contact your very own personal mentor for guides and supports.

Tesco Diets is Different

The mission of Tesco Diets is to change the Britain’s eating habits through personalised diet plans that offers healthy, tasty and nutritional foods. Unlike many rivals diet programme, a great emphasis is instead focused on the restriction of dietary consumption.

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