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Oct 07

Earn more by spending less with online vouchers

Voucher codes are a hidden gem of the internet.

More and more retailers are tempting savvy spenders with online voucher codes.  These can be helpful not just in reducing your expenditure, but can be used when setting up your own home business.  Here are a few that might be of use in doing just that:

10% Off Orders Over £79 and 15% off Orders over  £129 at Euroffice

10% Discount off all Online Orders at Parcel Force Discount Code

50% off McAfee Total Protection Orders at McAfee Promotional Code

10% off Workstations at Dell Coupon Code

Jan 10

more money saving tips

Here are another three money saving ideas and one money making one. I practice what I preach here, I’m a  guitar teacher!

1. Cancel your gym membership

If you pay your £40 a month by direct debit and you use the gym three times a week, great. If not, cancel your membership immediately. You’ll soon save enough to buy your own bike and, if you’re so inclined, a rowing machine. Consider running home from work three times a week. It’s free. 

Jan 09

3 more money saving tips

Here are 3 more money saving tips I have picked up recently. The first two have a bit of a pyschological edge to them; how much stuff do we really need? why are we spending? The third is a little bit of common sense…

1. Ask yourself: do I really need this? 

Imagine this. It’s lunchtime and you’ve got an hour to kill. You find yourself in a department store and there’s a sale on. You pick up a beautifully packaged selection of barbecue tools and associated garden paraphernalia. And it’s half price. Now, stop! Ask yourself: Do I really need this? Exactly. Now, put it down and walk away.

Dec 10

Build a free music collection

A couple of posts ago I was talking about sourcing cheap CDs online, using Amazon or Ebay. The plan being, to rip the contents onto your ipod or mp3 player (for personal use of course, I’m not advocating piracy here).

An even more cost effective route would be utilise the facilities provided by your local council, and join the library. Most libraries these days have a large range of CDs available for lending out, for a small nominal fee.

Dec 10

More thrifty tips

Continuing on from the last post, here are three more thrifty tips, this time related to food.

  1. Take a list when food shopping and stick to it. Avoid impulsive purchases when pushing the trolley around. It is also helpful to avoid shopping on an empty stomach due to the likelyhood of you ending up with more items than you really need.
  2. Switch to own label products. It pays to do a little testing in this area too…some own brand items are great and dirt cheap, others are pretty horrible. Work out over a period of time which ones are worth buyng. Items like cleaning products can be much cheaper with no real difference in quality, whereas some food  products can be totally different.
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