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Dec 06

How To Earn Residual Income With A Work At Home Business Opportunity

Any opportunity that allows you to work at home and earn residual income is very popular in recent times. Residual income is the income you continue to receive long after you complete the work. It is perpetual. Normally, you receive income in the form of wages and salaries for the work you do now. Hence, you need to continue working to earn this income. However, with a residual income opportunity, you can start to work at home and earn residual income not only now but also in the future.

Importance of Residual Income

Nov 12

How to Earn Residual Income

There are two ways to earn money. The first way is based on the pay per production model. This is how most companies compensate their employees. You either earn a set amount for each hour you work or you earn a percentage of each sale you make. In order to earn more money, you have to work more hours or make more sales. The second way to earn money is through the residual income model. In this income model, the money continues to be earned long after you have finished working on the source of it. This would be similar to an insurance salesperson earning a commission each time their client renewed their policy. They continue to earn money years after the hard work of getting the client is done. Because your income is not tied to your direct involvement in maintaining the source of the earnings, residual income frees up your time and energy for other activities. A business that makes the bulk of its money from residual income opportunities would allow you to go surfing in Hawaii and still get paid. If this sound like a good deal to you, here are three things you can do to earn residual income.

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