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Nov 17

You Should Know How Your Diet is Supposed to Work

The vast majority of people start dieting in order to lose weight. Losing weight can be accomplished in a number of ways. A diet is simply a specific method for accomplishing that task.

When one decides that they need to lose weight, the first thing that must be considered is the reason for wanting to lose weight. Is the weight loss going to be directed at a way to gain better health or is it more of a vanity reason? The reason for dieting is as important as the method used to lose the weight.

Nov 16

Types of Fad Diets

There are many types of fad diets. Some of the fad diets focus on magically melting fat with not so secret formulas of foods or combinations of food that create destruction of fat cells.

There are a few examples of these diets.

One that cyber myth credits to Mayo Clinic is the 12-day grapefruit diet. This diet has one menu used everyday for twelve days and each meal menu contains a grapefruit. At the end of the twelve days, you get two days on your own and then back to the diet again.

Oct 02

Top 10 Most Unrealistic Diet Expectations of All Time

What is the one thing you find the hardest to grasp with dieting?

Is it the type of food you eat, the amount of food you eat, the amount of exercise or is it the lack of freedom of food choices.

After overcoming my weight problem after spending 7 and a half years of my life yo-yo dieting, I thought it would be fun to write down on paper the things I struggled with most. These 10 factors are the ones that more likely than not, caused me to ruin my diet.


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