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Nov 03

Choose a Niche to Earn Residual Income

When choosing a home business, it’s important to select one you will enjoy operating. Whether you decide to work from home full-time or part-time, your heart has to be in your work. Earning a residual income from a niche is more fun when you have an abiding interest in that niche.

Residual income is income you continue to earn after an initial sales effort. Affiliate programs are one way to earn this kind of income. A customer makes an initial purchase and you earn a commission. However, good affiliate programs go a step beyond. Each additional purchase a customer makes earns you a commission as well. This income streams in even while you are doing non-business activities.

Oct 01

How to Earn Residual Income – 3 Real World Ways For the Average Person to Earn Passive Income!

One of the greatest achievements of my life has been the fact that I’ve been able to earn residual income for decades now.

As someone who managed many of the famous rock stars that you meet today’s money for years, I learned something significant about earning money.

I learned that residual income is the greatest type because it’s income that you earn over and over again after doing something just once.

How Does the Average Person Get to Earn Residual Income

There are a few different ways available for earning this type of income.

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