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Nov 19

Diet – Why Most Diets Fail

Why a diet fails: How many times have you failed at a diet? If you are anything similar to the average American man or woman, you must have failed at least 3 times at dieting, at various times in your life. And you blame yourself for it, right? Lack of willpower, determination, discipline… you know the works!

Well, here is the scoop. If you failed at a diet, it really is not your fault because most diets are inherently designed to FAIL!!

Let me give four of the most obvious reasons why any diet fails:

Oct 01

Diet Food – Aren’t All Foods?

Diet food has become a term used to describe foods specific to a particular diet(s).

Pre-packaged foods with the diet plan’s name on them have become a popular item. Food manufacturers, not wanting to miss out on a dollar, have joined in the game, also. “Diet” versions of most popular foods can be found on every grocery shelf.

There are many forms of “diet” foods; such as “Low-fat”, “Fat-free”, “Sugar-free”, “Low-Carb”, “Low-calorie”, or even “(Fill in your diet plan) Approved Food.” So, what is a diet food really?

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