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Dec 03

Diet Fads – Some Smart, Some Scary

Dieting. Not many people like it, but lots of people have tried it. What some people don’t realize is that diets, some laughable and some scary, have existed long before the Atkins diet became popular.


Vinegar Diet – British poet Lord Byron claimed to have lost 60 pounds by soaking his food in vinegar before eating it, although some historians believe he had an eating disorder.

Graham’s Diet – Sylvester Graham, father of the ever-popular Graham Cracker was a Presbyterian minister who believed people should avoid coffee, alcohol, tea, spices, and meat. His followers, “Grahamites”, ate pure water, fresh vegetables and fruits, high fiber foods, and whole wheat.

Nov 15

What Are the Top 10 Fad Diets Around Today?

Many people want to lose a lot of weight and are willing to try anything from a stomach staple to a far out wacky diet. Some diets are controversial and can be injurious to health. Others are short-term starvation. Here is a list of the top ten fad diets.

What are the top 10 fad diets around today? Read on and see if you agree.

Oct 10

Soup Diet – Lose Weight With the Cabbage Soup Diet

When people gain too much weight, they can become overweight and thus risk their own health. The risk involves being more susceptible to illnesses such as heart diseases. You do not want this to happen, so you need to lose weight.

People can do various things to lose weight. One method is to exercise. With exercise, a person can burn the calories we have, and eventually lose weight. Another method is to take supplements. Weight loss supplements can make the body burn calories faster than usual. Another method is to follow a diet plan. With a healthy diet plan, we not only get to lose weight, but also become healthier. A good diet plan can be soup diets. A soup diet like the cabbage soup diet could help you lose weight fast.

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