Nov 29

Setting Up Your Own Online Shop

A few posts ago I suggested a quick way to raise money was to sell unwanted stuff on Ebay.

If you use Ebay on a regular basis you soon find that fees begin to mount on stuff that doesn’t sell.  One way around this is to set up your own shop. FOR FREE. 

This option works best if you have many similar items to sell, such as clothes, toys, hobby items, or whatever. I have been experimenting with this for a few months now, as I wanted to test out an online website package from Terapad (this is not an affiliate link, just a genuine tip!).

Terapad offer a free website build and hosting package, similar to blogger or wordpress but much much simpler. You can choose which modules you want to use, such as shop, image gallery, event calender, blog, etc and you can literally be up and running in about 30 minutes.

It is possible to use your own domain name, add basic search engine tags and customise the templates (if you have some CSS and html knowledge). The best part is that all of this is free. Terapad make their money by putting Google Adsense on your sites, unless you sign up for the standard package, which costs $14.15 a month. When you sign up for this you get to put your own ads on instead, so it is possible to subsidise, or even fully cover your package costs.

The only disadvantages I have found are that the templates are pretty cheesy and mainly useless, and the search engine facilities are very basic in the shop module. Another downside, although not related to the software, is that the shop owner will have to do their own promotion and traffic gathering, which can be a slow painful job.

The overriding bonus though is that it won’t cost you a penny to try this out, only time and effort. The other useful factor is that unlike Ebay, your products can sit in your shop at no cost to you until a buyer is found. No relisting fees after 7 days!

Like I said, I have been experimenting with my own shop, Recycled Mags. It has taken a while and I don’t give it as much time as I should, but I have made a fair few quid from it over the last few months, both from selling product and my adsense ads.

So why not give it a go? what do you have to lose? If you are a total technology newbie I will help with setting up shops and advising on shop facilities and optimisation.

(For a very small fee…gimme a break, I gave you all this info for free!)

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