Nov 14

Quick ways to earn more money

So the Bank of England has shocked the world by cutting interest rates today by a massive 1.5%. This will have a direct positive effect on a proportion of the population, (including me, actually), but the overall economic outlook is still bleak, and will be for sometime to come.

So what things can people do to ease their current financial pain?

Obviously it is just as important to spend less as it is to earn more, but assuming you aren’t a shopaholic or compulsive gambler, most people have enough common sense to tighten their financial belts a little.

Over the next 3 posts I am going to tell you three ways that I earn extra cash. Two of them are obvious, but not everyone does them, and the third is more unusual, but growing in popularity, and doesn’t involve either lap dancing or escorting (I’m joking..no, really, it doesn’t!)

Hopefully this will whet your appetite to return to this blog and maybe even participate.

You will no doubt see massive changes in the look of this page, as i try out new themes and cock things up…gimme a break…I’m new at this wordpress lark!

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