May 05

MommyEmpire.com Works To Help Moms Earn More From Home

I found this interesting press release recently;

With the current economic situation many moms are finding themselves out of work or needing to earn extra money from home. Knowing that some of their members are in urgent need of a way to make real money from home, MommyEmpire.com has been working to increase the value and free information on their site and in their newsletter. This month the website added two featured writers that have thriving home-based businesses to help readers learn how to earn more from home.

“Most moms looking for work have years of work experience and college educations that they are anxious to use to make money or build a business while raising their kids. They can add extraordinary value to MLM teams and have the know-how to build businesses based on their own interests, but some just need the support and encouragement of moms who are already successful at working from home,” stated Mommy Empire Founder Lisa Paredes. 

Soon the Mommy Empire newsletter will feature Angela Trent and Wendy Innes. Lisa stated that she added Angela Trent and Wendy Innes because of their expertise in working from home. “Angela has been working from home for three years and Wendy has been self-employed for over 5 years. The great part is they both work their own schedules and make a great income while raising their kids – something we felt was important to add to the website with so many moms needing to earn money from home.”

As a former teacher, Angela Trent began working from home when she had her first son. As the information director for the direct sales channel on Mommy Empire and as a successful home-based writer, Angela’s business insight will continue to add valuable information to the site while working to provide weekly tips to the newsletter.

Wendy Innes is a small business owner with a successful bridal shop in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her bridal shop is managed from her home and her freelance writing business have offer her the opportunity to build her own business while raising her son for the past 5 years.

“Adding Wendy and Angela to the newsletter team is going to be very insightful for our readers,” stated Mommy Empire Founder Lisa Paredes. She continued on to say “They both bring knowledge and information on working from home that we can all use and what’s more is that they have been successful for years – which is quite an accomplishment for small business owners in this economy. I know they have what it takes to successfully operate from home and to help others learn how to build thriving businesses while raising their kids.”

About MommyEmpire

MommyEmpire.com offers free home business resources on topics ranging from starting an online auction business to working with a direct sales company. Mommy Empire’s mission is to provide quality home-business information and advice. MommyEmpire.com is owned and managed by MadLabMarketing, LLC. 


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