Apr 30

Make Extra Money From Your Photos

With the availability of cheap, high quality digital cameras these days it is easier than ever to build up a selection of interesting and useful photographs, assuming you have a basic understanding of compositon and can work a camera.

There are many stock photo libraries online that will accept photos from indviduals, (if they meet the quality criteria), and the best bit is that whenever a person downloads one of your photos from the site, you get paid. Many web designers use stock images to jazz up websites, and websites are being created every day in every subject under the sun.

You may not make much to begin with, but the more photos you have accepted, the more chances they have of getting used.

Spend time browsing the sites, and see which photos have been downloaded multiple times, then try to create photos in the same subject range…generic business shots and landscapes will always be popular, but there are many other niches around too.

Being aware of the kind of pictures to take and upload will be essential for you to get a revenue stream from the pictures that you take. Variety is still a must.

It is highly recommended to join as many as stock photo sites as you can. 

There are many amateur photographers who are making a pretty side income simply by taking and uploading photos online. So why not join in the bandwagon?

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