Nov 29

How To Earn Money Taking Online Surveys

It took me a full 7 years of hard slog to realize that I am just not cut out for an office job. All the office politics, getting up so early, commuting, bosses, deadlines. Enough said! It makes me feel a little sick just thinking back at all that. When I resigned I had no real game plan as to exactly how I was going to support myself, but one thing was for sure – I had to quit my day job.

I new that I wanted to do something where I determined my working hours and also the amount of money I earned. As long as you work for someone else they are in charge of both your time and your lifestyle.

As clichéd as it might sound, the internet provided me with the flexibility of both. I get to decide when and how much I work and also how much money I earn – and soon enough I discovered, these two factors are not necessarily related when you work online. The internet opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me. Anyone can earn money online – after all if I can then so can you. Making money online is by no means an easy business, but making a living online can be even harder.

There are however some easy ways to make money. When I started feeling the pressure of earning money after quitting my job I had to find something – quick. The answer came in the form of online surveys. I discovered that I could earn money taking online surveys. At first the concept sounded almost too good to be true, but after weeding through all the false promises and sales talk I managed to get to the bottom of it.

I was able to earn money taking online surveys because companies not only need my opinion, but their success relies on my opinion. For any company or product to be successful, it must fulfill a real need and it must have a market of real people who are going to buy the product. Developing products that don’t sell can spell certain failure for any company – even if you are Apple. Just one product can ruin a company as big as Sony who failed miserably with their MP3 players.

For this reason companies need product certainty before they develop the products or launch multi million dollar marketing campaigns. This is where you and I come in – we can earn money taking online surveys and in the process we provide this vital information for companies who are desperate to know what we like, what we need and what we think.

To earn money taking online survey is pretty straight forward. There are thousands of companies online who ‘host’ these surveys. The process is slightly different for different products and/or services, but essentially you enroll for a survey, complete it and get paid the agreed amount. The biggest challenge online is not in finding a high paying survey, but rather in finding legitimate surveys that actually pay. Many of the so-called free survey sites are only out to capture your personal details that they in turn sell off to registration companies.

A good survey listing service will do all the hard work for you. They will evaluate various survey services in terms of their products, services and payment policies and their experience will most often proof to be invaluable. After weeks of wasting hours finding surveys I finally decided to pay the fee charged by a website and from day one I started earning money. I managed to make back the joining fee after my very first survey and I haven’t looked back since.

Although I did not make $10 000 a month, I managed to pay all the bills by simply taking online surveys. Some of them was actually quite a lot of fun and I have since become an expert at giving my opinion on movie trailers – and getting paid handsomely for doing so. I have since become a bit more sassy and now even take phone surveys while running on the treadmill (and getting paid about $100 for my workout).

You can earn money taking online surveys and it can put you on course to quitting your day job or even just to earn some extra cash to make those car payments or maybe just to fill some financial holes in your budget. Don’t get swept away by false promises of instant riches – think realistically and don’t be too skeptical either. Have some faith and go for it. The start is usually a bit of a rocky road, but it eventually gets quite easy to earn decent money taking online surveys.

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