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How to Earn Extra Income During a Recession

What should you do to outlast this recession without financial difficulties?

During a recession, anyone can be laid off anytime or facing a salary cut, what you should do to maintain and secure your income? One way is to earn extra money when you still have your full-time job, but you might have hard time to find a part-time job during a recession as the job opportunities have been reduced in a recession. Then, where to source for an extra income?

The internet has been a very profitable  place for many people to make money online. The best of thing about web based businesses is that the opportunities for making money are unlimited, it only takes creativity and your determination to succeed to write your own paycheck. Hence, internet can be a good place to earn an extra income during a recession.

Among the good things about earning extra income online are:

  • It can be started anytime, you decide.
  • It easy to get started and involves minimum start up costs.
  • It will not affect your full-time job. You can work at anytime at your convenient and from any place as long as you have internet connection (fit well for working individuals who have busy schedule and frequent travelers due to job assignments).
  • You decide the amount of extra income you like to earn. How much you can earn has no limit, it depends on your own efforts and commitments.
  • Last, but no least is making money online is recession proof as you can always expand your online business to the more market niches if any of your online businesses are affected due to economy downturn.

There are many ways to earn extra income from the internet. One of the most the popular options is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an internet business where you choose to promote your selected merchants’ products and earn commission from each successful sale or action required by the merchant such as filling in a form. Affiliate marketing can be a good option for people with full-time jobs to earn extra income especially during a recession because it requires very little or no cost to start up and it can be started almost instantly with or without the need to have your own website.

What you need to do is to find a suitable affiliate product and register for an affiliate account. Then promote the products through your affiliate link, and any sale made through your affiliate link, will earn you a commission.

You can choose to earn an extra income online through affiliate marketing in various ways. However, if you are new to affiliate marketing, it is advisable not to promote your selected affiliate products through direct-link marketing, a marketing method where you directly link from your advertisement campaign to merchant’s landing page because it will too risky if you do not know what you are doing, you may end up losing a lot of money in advertisement campaigns without bring in sales that can generate money for you. Instead, it’s better to start of with a website or a blog to up-sell your visitors before lead them to merchant’s website for potential buying action.

Other than affiliate marketing, you can also earn an extra income through the web with a home-based business where you sell your own products online, online survey jobs which you get paid for providing your opinions or Google AdSense where you get paid by hosting Google ads on your website.


If you want to outlast recession without facing financial difficulties, then you need to find a way to earn extra income and internet is one of good options to make money online while continuing with your full-time job.

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  1. Gary O' Brien

    Hi, I agree with you when you say the internet has been a very profitable place for many people to make money online. But the face is most people don’t make any money online. The reason for this is they don’t have the correct mindset. Most people will never learn the basic skills such as creating a basic website and so on. If you would like free information on how to create a website in less that one day go to my site where you can download my free video course on how to do it.

    Gary O’Brien,


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