Nov 14


This is the first post on my new blog.

If I’m honest, I have no idea how it will all turn out, but let’s give it a go anyway, eh?

Let me give you the concept first. Last year, around Christmas time, I was asked if I had any new years’ resolutions. Off the top of my head, I said “I want to earn more and weigh less”.

This struck me as a pretty good concept. It seems to me that these two issues are at the core of what everybody wants to achieve these days…obesity is rising almost as fast as fuel prices and I can’t really think of anyone who would turn down the opportunity of getting some more cash in their lives, so I thought it could turn out to be a pretty good subject for a blog/website.

My idea, as this thing grows, will be to eventually split the site into two parts…stuff about weight loss and health, and stuff about making, and saving money. I don’t intend getting into price comparison stuff..there are many websites that do that sort of thing much better than I ever could, and I’m not going to experiment with fad diets either! To start with, I’m going to write a bit about my own thoughts, and find some interesting links and information on other sites too.

If anybody reading this feels the urge to comment, then please do…I guess I can always delete the abusive ones!

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