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Fad Diets Don’t Work – The Truth About Why They Don’t Work

The truth about fad diets is simple. They just do not work. Fad diets are those that come and go. They are the types of diets that require you to do something unique, something you may not have ever heard of before. And they promise that they will allow you to drop massive amounts of weight quickly. There are pills, exercise regimens, and those diet plans that seemingly remove whole food groups from your diet. There are many reasons why these diets just do not work.

Low Carb Diets

One of the most popular fad diets is the low carbohydrate diet where you reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Those who developed these diets believed that carbohydrate-rich foods (especially those that have a lot of sugar in them) cause problems for your body and your mind. The premise behind low carb diets is that your body breaks them down (complex carbohydrates) so quickly that it causes sharp rises in blood sugar and insulin. So the theory is that if you can limit the amount of carbohydrates in your diet you can control the cravings, hunger, and ultimately the weight gain caused by wild fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels.

This type of diet should be used in moderation. First off, your body needs carbohydrates. Though it is true that some types of carbs are not as good for you as others, your body needs carbs to function properly. For example, some carb diets state that you cannot eat potatoes. However, potatoes contain potassium and are a great source of other nutrition for your body. What is important is to eat whole grain carbs instead of processed “white” foods. Of course, everything should be eaten in moderation. Carbohydrates contain many important vitamins and minerals. But ultimately, why doesn’t this type of diet work? One reason, beyond the loss of nutrients mentioned earlier, is that it is too restrictive and too difficult for the average person to stay on this type of diet.

Diet Pills and Supplements

There are many diet products out on the market claiming they can aid you in losing weight just by popping a pill or sipping a potion. However, there is little science behind most of these products. In addition, the results are usually very inconsistent. Many of these diet plans promise what they cannot deliver: rapid and considerable weight loss. Some of these products can even lead to health risks if used improperly. Many of these diet scams require you to stop eating healthy meals in exchange for unhealthy ones.

Other Reasons Fad Diets Do Not Work

1. They are too complex to follow on a daily basis. If the diet is too hard to follow, chances are good you won’t follow it.

2. The diet puts you on a very strict plan of eating only certain foods. Besides running counter to what nutritionists believe is healthy, these diets are just too restrictive to follow long-term.

3. They provide only short-term results. Many fad diets only give you a few weeks or months of weight loss, then when you go back to everyday eating you gain the weight right back.

Instead of chasing after these hyped up, unhealthy fad diets, stick to a plan that gives you long-term benefits and weight loss. You want a plan that is both safe and effective. Just by using common sense you can find a diet that works for you.

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