Oct 18

Earning Money Quick – As MJ Said "Don’t Stop Until You Get Enough"

You know the problem some internet marketers have when it comes to earning money quick is not that they don’t know what to do. There is a wealth of quality information around from experienced marketers who have tried and tested techniques that can definitely help anyone who wants to earn money quickly using the internet.

I suggest that some people never earn money online because of 1 of 2 reasons

1) Failing to take action – Every journey starts with a single step and all that. If you don’t do anything then nothing will happen. For example I recently heard the story of a lady who had completed some extensive training in internet marketing and contacted her to teacher to complain that she had made no money at all. Her concerned teacher ask her what she had actually tried and was amused to discover that the reason she had not earned a dime was because she had not implemented ONE single thing. This is an extreme example maybe but I suggest some people may spend more time reading about IM than practicing it. No wonder they fail to make to start earning money quick or even slowly. It would be like reading a book about growing carrots and going to your field at harvest time to look for carrots. I am in danger of overstating my case but please take this from me you need to take action.

2) Not doing enough – Okay continuing with my carrot growing illustration, if I want to grow 1000 carrots then I have to plant at least 1000 carrot seeds (although common sense tells me I need to plant far more). The same can be said for internet marketing. If you want to start earning money quick you will need to know what you are aiming at and then work out what you need to do to get it. Break this activity down into specific steps and create a plan. Just be aware that the more you do the better results you should get. The only caveats I would suggest that you should work smart not just hard and you need to be doing the right activities.

So to summarise, you not only need to learn what to do to start earning money quick you need to take action and start doing something, then make sure you keep going and do more than enough marketing activities to hit your personal goals. I’ll finish by quoting the late great Michael Jackson ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.’

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