Oct 25

Earning Money Online – Why is it So Difficult?

Why? Well, I’ll start with my own experiences. It was difficult to consistently start earning money online for 2 reasons:

1 — I constantly fell for the lies of fast easy riches, little to no work. This is a definite myth folks.

2 — I would start making money with a website or opportunity using 1) paid traffic methods, overspend and lose money, or 2) dive head-on into traffic generation techniques that were either “fly-by-night” or didn’t sit well with my personality (for example, I’m not someone who likes to twitter or spend hours on facebook).

Ultimately, I’d get disgusted, abandon whatever I put so much work & effort into, then insanely move on to another (wait for it)… money-making opportunity.

Earning money online can be difficult for 3 unique reasons:

First – Lots of misinformation

There’s lots of misinformation out there. The absolute worst are those you pay for and come out even more disillusioned than you were before. The most misleading are the ones that leave out crucial steps or pieces that new (sometimes experienced) marketers need to know to get off to a successful start.

Now you must understand you will not find an “all inclusive” source that will answer every single question for every single person. It’s just a fact. Although what helps is whenever there’s a crucial “knowledge gap” or confusion of some sort…

— contact customer support (if it’s a purchased product/opportunity promising something but not delivering)
— do a search engine search for answers, or
— join a forum related to your niche and post your dilemma (this has helped more times than I can count)

I have found these methods extremely helpful in overcoming complex issues beyond my scope. Forum members can be extremely helpful and willing to help fellow members in need.

What’s important is to never allow misinformation to discourage you. It’s the world we live in unfortunately… but with a little patience, you can overcome short-term pitfalls and achieve your ultimate goal of earning money online.

Second – Wrong perception of reality

It’s unrealistic to expect anything intended to bring in significant profits to be easy or instant with little effort. I mean, come on people, how’s that working for ya? Such an opportunity does not exist. There’s no such thing as “set it and forget it”.

However, there are proven steps you can follow that call for solid work in the beginning and once your initial set-up is complete, only minor maintenance is required to keep the money coming in and running smoothly.

Third – Finding an opportunity whose means of traffic generation matches your personality

Earning money online can become difficult and challenging when an opportunity claims to be automated when it’s really not. What I mean is, when the proposed methods of generating leads/sales actually make your teeth grind or give you a massive headache causing you to procrastinate, pushing your goals of earning money online further and further away.

Ex. 1 – Opportunities that claim to be automated, but then pressure to either “cold call” or constantly follow up with disinterested prospects. I hate that. I could never keep those methods up long-term… not my personality. However, if you’re a talker (or relish being aggressive), this style may work for you. However, there are much better ways of multiplying your efforts and leveraging time/freedom.

Ex. 2 – Buying into online traffic tactics that are less “face-to-face” yet still go against the grain of your personality. Like blogging everyday, passing hours twittering or spending days camped out in forums bantering back & forth, instead taking a few hours/week implementing tried & true automated (not here today, gone tomorrow) systems that actually make you money online.

Now don’t be offended if these methods work for you, use them. Continue earning money online with them. My point is to find ways of generating targeted traffic you can maintain long-term without you pulling your hair out or stepping away from your computer to light a cigarette.

After years of trial and error, what works for my personality is devoting time to efforts that produce immediate results (notice I did not say “instant”), so I can back away from my computer screen & enjoy the outside world. These efforts include pay per click (short-term traffic), article writing and viral marketing strategies (long-term traffic).

Take the 3 reasons described into account and you will develop the mindset needed to realistically proceed in earning money online without the usual hardships and setbacks.

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