Oct 24

Earn Passive Income – The Best Businesses to Avail

Think about a person who works a 9-5 job and is paid by the hour. Would you say his current job is financially efficient? I do not think so, mainly because the amount of his salary is a direct function of how many hours he puts in. And the constraint is: There are only so many hours he can work his job every day.

Now think of a salesman who earns his living selling cars. Sure, he can earn a lot depending on the demand of the cars and his commission per sale but lets face it, he can only sell so many cars per day. Also, once he has sold the car, he is paid a defined amount of cash, with no recurring payments.

Compare the two examples above with a businessman who owns is also a sales person, but the difference in his business model is that once he has sold a product, he receives monthly recurring payments from his sale. Think of it in terms of a subscription service and you will get what I mean. Chances are, he only needs to sell a specific amount of products to see his earnings sky rocket.

Also, because he can earn recurring amounts per sale, he can put in less effort per sale, leaving valuable time for the next big thing.

This is the power of earning passive income. Passive income is defined as “The income generated by activities where the individual does not take an active stance”.

Earning passive income should be the goal of every person in the long-run. Whether you are an engineer or an accountant, a lawyer or an chiropractor, you should make sure that you avail opportunities which give you the power to earn passive income.

Why would you want to do this? Because once you have your passive income business going, you will be making a huge amount of cash with little or no effort.

Now that I have explained what exactly I mean by earning passive income, let me tell you some simple avenues of interest:

1. Strong Future International (SFI): This service is over 10 years old and has been rated the number one home business opportunity during the last 3 years. Simply put, you sign up, promote some of their services and anyone who signs up under you makes you earn residual income.

2. Plug In Profits Site (PIPS): The same concept goes here. You start a website and any people you refer, who sign up under you makes you earn passive income.

There are other passive income opportunities online too. But the two listed above are by far the best ones, in my opinion.

So what is the catch? Isn’t there a catch with everything? Sure there is! The catch is, in the beginning you have to take a lot of time to establish yourself on the internet. People will not sign up under you if they do not trust you or know about your good reputation. But once they do, chances are that you can start earning passive income over time and will be able to leave your normal 9-5 job.

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