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Diets That Don’t Work – The Struggle of Finding an Effective Weight Loss Plan

Most diets simply don’t work. If you’ve ever been faced with the challenge of losing weight, whether it was a couple pounds or many, you already know how difficult it can be. There are thousand of different diet plans on the market and most of them promise to help you lose weight. Many of them claim to help you lose weight fast. But the majority will only waste your time and your money.

Why Low Fat Diets Don’t Work

Diets that decrease your daily fat intake have been extremely popular, along with the many different low fat and no fat foods available. A recent study, however, found that these diets are actually more harmful than normal eating patterns. The study compared groups on a low fat diet with similar groups eating an average diet. The results found that low fat diets can cause serious damage to your body.

It is recommended that at least 35% of your calorie intake comes from fat each day. This amount of fat is needed to fight certain diseases, including several types of cancer, heart disease, and even obesity. Most low fat diets incorporate only 10% of the total calorie intake from fat, increasing risks of heart complications, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health problems.

Why Low Carb Diets Don’t Work

The Atkins Diet was one of the most sought after diet plans for years. The main downfall of low carb diets is that they are nearly impossible to follow if you don’t want to completely rearrange your life. Most of these diets have strict guidelines that must be closely adhered to if you expect to lose weight. Time spent weighing food portions and preparing special meals, not to mention the extra costs involved in these meals, can make many people give up on a low carb plan.

Those who aren’t bothered by the stringent meal requirements will often give up as well. Tiredness, loss of energy, and a lack of concentration are all typical side effects of decreasing your carbohydrate intake and can make it extremely hard to focus on your daily responsibilities.

Why Low Calorie Diets Don’t Work

Low calorie diets seem like sensible weight loss plans. You eat less and you lose weight. Don’t you wish it were that simple! In reality, a low calorie diet can actually cause you to gain weight. Low calorie diets assume that your body will continue to burn the amount of calories you typically eat, even when you decrease that amount.

The fact is, your body bases your metabolism rate on the average number of calories you typically take in. This means within the first few days of starting a low calorie diet, your body catches on and adjusts your metabolism. You may burn a small amount of fat during the first three days but then your body will assume it’s your normal diet and will burn fewer calories. When the diet ends, there’s a big chance you will gain weight as your metabolism rate adjusts again to a normal calorie intake.

Is There a Diet That Does Work?

Losing weight is not a hopeless cause, even with all the diets that just don’t work. You’ve probably had your own experience with at least one of the dieting failures already mentioned, but there is a diet plan that works. Instead of cutting carbs or fat, you can use your body’s natural fat burning abilities to lose weight and keep it off!

There is a simple, easy to follow diet plan that will let you enjoy the foods you love while you lose weight. You can actually lose as much as 9 pounds in just 11 days without special meals or expensive supplements! Losing weight is possible.

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