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How Can I Earn Money From Affiliate Programs?

What are Affiliate Programs? If you own products or services, you are a merchant. If you don’t, you can help others to sell their products or services and earn commissions from them. This is Affiliate Programs. You can make enough money only when selling products that fit a certain criteria. Yes, you need to be extremely selective.

  • There must be large demand and high quality product.
  • Earn a minimum of 25% of the profits.
  • Related to your passion and interest. This including your site.

How much can I earn?

This depends on the company’s affiliate program model. Most of them pay a percentage of the total sale. Few will offer a fixed dollar amount (say $50 per sale for all products).

Did you know that more than 95% of all affiliates never earn enough to warrant a paycheck? And out of that 5% who do earn enough, only 2% of those would earn enough to be considered an income! That is not good news. It is not hard to be one of the 2% if you learn a simple system that can work over and over again. Want to learn how to Earn Enough Money with Affiliate Programs? Here you go.

1. Create a site that is rich in content.

You need to create a web site that contains lots and lots of useful content. Do not waste your time joining a couple of affiliate programs and promote them in one or two pages. Remember you need to build credibility with the people who visit your site. Provide them, helpful resources and useful information that you know what you are talking about. There is no such thing as too much information. The more you can give, the greater chance they will keep coming back to your site.


2. Search for Affiliate Programs that match your site’s theme.

I know it is tempting to join every affiliate program that sounds lucrative. However more is not better. If your site is about stock investment, it does not make sense to advertise health food. It is better to promote only two or three related products than hurt your site reputation.

3. Drive traffic to your site.

There are many courses or training program that can help you to drive traffic to your site. Business without traffic is useless. Just like a shop in the jungle. Nobody will notice you and they don’t even know you exist. This can be done several ways. You can use pay-per-click (PPC) program like Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. It is like an art. You need to find effective keyword lists. I would not recommend this to newbies. Unless you can get targeted audience, you are wasting lots of money. You can join relevant forum and promote your site. This is Free.

4. Learn more from the experts.

When I first started, I learned a lot from forums, books, e-books and articles. I found this great program, “Wealthy Affiliate”. Wealthy Affiliate is one-stop internet marketing resource where you will find detailed instructions on how to earn online. You can choose your own role model and learn from them. What they did and how they did it. Most systems are duplicable.

5. Can’t find Affiliate Program?

There are many programs out there in the market. ClickBank.com is the most easy to use and highly effective affiliate. Registration is free and offers hundreds or even thousands of products for you to choose. All the products are digital and can be instantly delivered over the internet.

There is no short-cut to earn money. You have to work for it. Build your site, fill it with lots of useful content and drive traffic to your site. Remember all the guidelines highlighted above. Give yourself some time to build this business. Do not quit because if you do, you will lose the opportunity to earn money online. So if someone asked me “Can you earn enough money from Affiliate Program to quit your regular job?” I would say “Yes, I can.”

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