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Calorie Shifting Diet – Discover the Truth Behind This Diet Method and What it Can Do to Your Body

Calorie Shifting has become quite popular in recent years and has been used by tens of thousands of people around the world. This popularity has led to a great deal of discussion surrounding this weight loss method, much of it by people who have little knowledge as to how this weight loss method works and its scientific foundations. To put it simply, there are a lot of ‘so called’ expert articles out there which contain half-truths if not outright misinformation regarding this important subject.

As one of the first people to review and write about Calorie Shifting, and as I personally manage a webpage in which people who use this diet come to share their experience, tips, and questions, I felt that it was my duty to write a comprehensive article exposing the truth about the Calorie Shifting Diet and what it does to your body. I apologize in advance if I get a little scientific on you, but it’s really important that you read this entire article so you know all you need to know regarding this method.

How did the Calorie Shifting Diet come to be:

Calorie Shifting was created as a reaction to the flood of deprivation diets of the 1990’s and early 21st century. We all heard of low calorie diets, low carb diets, and low fat diets, as well as many variations of them. The one thing these diets have in common is that they all deprive the body of something, whether calories in general or a specific food group like carbs or fat.

These deprivation diets gained their popularity by providing an initial weight loss to their users. Even celebrities contributed to this mania. We all know that stories don’t last long in today’s fast paced media and that was why it had taken so long to discover the long term negative effects of deprivation diets. What’s worse is that to this day, this information has not been publicized as extensively as it should have been and the general public has remained ignorant of these long term effects.

What are the long term effects of deprivation diets:

It all revolves around our metabolism. Our metabolism is what’s responsible for the rate in which our body burns off calories and fat. The higher the rate of our metabolism, the easier it is for us to lose weight. Our metabolism has been shaped by countless years of evolution to burn calories at the best rate to keep us safe and alive. To do so, our metabolism is geared to slow down the rate in which it burns calories when it senses that our body is in danger of starvation. What deprivation diets do is make our metabolism believe that we are starving. It reacts by slowing down further and further burning less and less calories.

That is why deprivation diets provide only initial and short term weight loss. When we begin the diet, our metabolism is running at a reasonable pace so at first it burns a lot of calories and we lose weight. But as we continue with the diet, our metabolism slows down and we find ourself not losing weight anymore. What’s worse is that once we stop the diet (and who wants to continue dieting forever?) our metabolism is so slow that we gain some or all of the weight back and even more. This is what causes the dismal statistics which state that 95% of diets fail.

How is the Calorie Shifting Metabolism Diet different and what does it do to your body:

First of all, Calorie Shifting isn’t a deprivation diet. You get to eat 4 reasonable meals per day comprised of all food groups so you never feel that you’re starving. Second, Calorie Shifting causes your metabolism to run high. It does so by constantly shifting the types of Calories that you eat according to the time of day, thereby ‘tricking’ your metabolism into believing that your body isn’t starving or dieting at all. Since your metabolism is running high, you burn off a lot of fat and you continue to do so for a long time. Another benefit is that it’s easy to maintain your weight loss once you stop dieting because your metabolism hasn’t slowed down at all.

The Calorie Shifting Diet is also known as the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet. It is named so because all you need to do is stick to the personal Calorie Shifting Menu that the diet provides. From around 30 users of this diet that I’ve corresponded with, over 90% found the diet useful and lost an impressive number of pounds.

I don’t want you to think that Shifting Calories is a magical cure to your weight loss problems. You will need to be committed to this diet and stick to the Calorie Shifting diet menu for it to succeed. However, since the menu is made up of regular food it’s easy to stick to and it’s very affordable.

I hope that I’ve helped to shed light on this important issue and that you’ve found this article helpful. Feel free to email it to anyone you feel may find it interesting.

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