Dec 10

Build a free music collection

A couple of posts ago I was talking about sourcing cheap CDs online, using Amazon or Ebay. The plan being, to rip the contents onto your ipod or mp3 player (for personal use of course, I’m not advocating piracy here).

An even more cost effective route would be utilise the facilities provided by your local council, and join the library. Most libraries these days have a large range of CDs available for lending out, for a small nominal fee.

It should be quite easy to get into a routine of visiting the library every week, taking out a few CDs and ripping the content to an ipod. If you decide after a week or two you don’t like the album you can always delete the files, and you aren’t stuck with another CD gathering dust.

An even more efficient method would to be to buy a separate stand-alone computer hard drive to store all the folders on. A 40 gig hard drive will easily hold hundreds of CD albums, as well as giving you a second drive to back up important files and pictures to. Most just plug straight in, and it’s easy to drag and drop folders back onto your computer or mp3 player, allowing you to keep a regular supply of fresh music flowing.

As well as finding new music this way, you culd also sell your existing CD collection on Amazon or Ebay, remembering to rip the CD before you post it to the buyer. This method allows you to keep the music, earn money and free up valuable space at home, which is always a welcome side effect!

Thanks for reading.

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