Nov 13

Affiliate Earnings Or Google AdSense Earnings – Which One is the Best Way in Making Money on the Web

Stop being be totally confused to choose between affiliate earnings or Google AdSense earning as your preferred way in making money. Comparing those two money sources is difficult, unless you examine them via certain type of view. Here are the tricks on how to pick up which is the best.

1. Understand your personal goal in earning money.

Do you really want to establish your own internet business or do you want to earn money doing things you love most from text ads? Do your see yourself as a business minded person or an info minded person? Google AdSense designed for content based business and you must build good content and build loyal readers community for your AdSense earning to come out smoothly. Selling an affiliate product is different and easier than AdSense. All you have to do is to explain what the benefit is, tell potential buyers what the product can do for them and wait for the sale to come in.

You don’t have to work hard building good content that may took several months to gain good readership.

2. Decide how long you want to wait for the money.

Earning revenue money from Google AdSense take several months while earning revenue money from your affiliate link take only several hours, maybe several minutes after you got your own affiliate ID. Some affiliate program such as Clickbank offers their affiliate cash out option on every week or every two weeks.

As I say in the paragraph above, Google AdSense is content based and building good content takes time, maybe nearly a year. You earning must exceeds $100 for it to be cashed out, which a time consuming effort for most self starters.

3. Decide which one you need most right now.

Do you:

  • Need to earn money fast to pay some bills?
  • Love to receive checks while doing hidden business using various ID?
  • Want to earn Google AdSense revenue from your blog that you have work so hard to build its content?
  • Want to earn money from both techniques from one blog alone so you want to work on your own?

Decide which one you need most, either you love to provide content or you love to attract visitors and let your affiliate link do the money things. Look at your current situation right now.

If you need money desperately to make ends meet even without your own product to sell, become an affiliate then work hard promote products. Wait for your affiliate earning to be cashed out. AdSense is good too, but it requires you to wait for 30 days or more.

Affiliate earnings and Google AdSense earnings are good, far beyond best. But, you need to consider your financial situation right now before choosing which one you want to pick up as your primary way in making money on the web.

If you have a blog and you want to stop yourself from making mistakes in selling affiliate product, I suggest you to get a proven guide by a super affiliate blogger at http://red-affiliatetips.blogspot.com. Its not about the price, it’s about what its content can do for you especially if you are a new affiliate.

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