Oct 22

6 Steps to Earn Money From Home by Finding A Great Product to Promote

It is not motivating to find out, that it is impossible to earn money from home with the new product, which you have selected maybe some weeks ago.

So you start to think, whether there is some process, how to find the profitable products. But the truth is, that there is not a waterproof system to select products, that sell and makes you possible to earn money from home.

1. If You Want To Earn Money From Home, Do Some Homework.

To put it simply, it helps, when you have earlier experiences about the niche you want to promote and to make money at home. Now, it is the time for the brainstorming. Go back to your life and make a list about the things, you have liked and succeeded. And make a sort list.

After this you can research some of the affiliate program banks and to list products for sale, which fit to your experiences. You will find out, that your abilities to pick good products is better, because you can determine, whether the product fulfils the needs of the consumer.

2. If You Want To Earn Money From Home, You Have To Understand, What The Customers Think.

You will get a good picture about this by visiting some forums from the niche. There people are telling about their wants, needs and problems. But they are also telling, which products are good ones and which marketers are doing well in that niche. So you get lots of hints to earn money from home.

3. It Is Time To Select Products From The Product Bank.

When you put together your own experiences and all the useful information from the forums, you can start to surf through the list of the possible products. Some product banks can help your selection process a lot. They use the so called gravity figure to show, how well this particular product is selling. The recommended gravity figure is about 30 at minimum.

4. You Need Several Products To Earn Money From Home, Maybe About Twenty.

The needs of different site visitors are very different, so are the tastes. This is the simple reason, why your site must offer a wide enough selection of the products. My experience is, that the site sales follows this principle: 80 percentages of the sales comes from 20 percentages of the products. However, you need those low selling products to make the total sales.

5. You Need A High Enough Commission To Earn Money From Home.

This is very important. If the commission percentage is high, but it gives you a commission of 3 dollars, it just is not enough. You need at least 30 dollars per each sale to earn money from home. Another important thing are the sales prices. My experience shows, that prices around from 40 to 60 bugs sell best.

6. Do You Think The Sales Page Can Sell?

I see the sales page as a very important factor. If my first impression is positive about it, it is a good sign. If the consumer promise is clear and persuasive and makes me curious about the offer, the better. And if it makes me to act, to click for more information or to buy, even better.

This was my list. As you see, there is not a waterproof method to select sure sellers for your website. But to be able to earn money from home, the list above helps you. Still you have to work with the links, I mean with the hyperlink texts and with the locations of the links. Only effective testing will give you the best answers. Good luck!

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