Sep 29

5 Reasons Why Diets Fail

So many people are frustrated with their weight these days. And it’s not for lack of trying to lose it. Some people fail with 2 or 3 diets before they finally give up and try to learn to live with their excess pounds. Why does this happen, why do diets fail? In this article I’ll relate some of the most common reasons for this.

1. You’re using a low-something diet – Many of the diets on the market today are deprivation diets, or what I call low-something diets. You have low fat diets, or low carbs, or even no fat or no protein diets. Every once in a while someone comes out with a new deprivation method and tries to sell it to you. These deprivation diets often fail because they deprive your body of a necessary nutrient like carbs, protein, or even fat. This throws the body into an unstable state which may prevent you from losing weight.

2. You’re eating too little – Yes. that’s right, eating too little can cause your diet to fail. Why is this bad? It’s bad because eating too little can cause your metabolism to slow down. What this causes is that you may lose weight in the beginning of the diet when your metabolism is high, but as you keep going on the diet and your metabolism slows, you find it harder and harder to lose weight, and may even gain it back in the end. You should eat a reasonable amount of calories and never go for starvation diets.

3. The diet doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle – certain diets are just not for everyone. If your diet requires you to go to the gym in order to workout each day and you’re a very busy person, there’s no way it’ll work for you. If your diet requires you to cook strange dishes, and you don’t know how, then this diet will surely fail for you. Choose a diet which fits into your lifestyle.

4. The diet demands strange ingredients – certain diets call for using all kinds of strange and exotic herbs and ingredients that you need to get in special stores. I don’t like these diets for 2 reasons: first, they become expensive, second, they’re a hassle. What will happen is that you will find it hard to keep getting these ingredients and using them so that the diet will fail for you. Don’t go for any of these things. You can get a great diet which is based on normal, easy to get food.

5. Outside reasons – Often, diets fail due to outside factors. These are things which are going on in your life, have nothing to do with your nutrition but can still determine whether your diet will be a success or a failure. These things include lack of sleep, stress levels, the support you’re getting from your family and friends, and more. Overall, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. Being in a good mood can help you to lose weight.

I hope you found this article useful. The next time you start a diet, try to make sure that it won’t trigger any of these 5 common reason why diets fail. Also, remember to have faith in yourself. You can lose weight. I’m sure of it.

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