Nov 15

3 things you can do to make extra cash (pt 2)

Following on from the last post, selling items in Amazon’s marketplace is also a good source of extra cash. Not every type of product is sold on Amazon, but for things like books, CDs and DVDs Amazon can have real advantages over Ebay.

Unlike Ebay, items you list with Amazon stay listed for 60 days, and more importantly, there are no fees for making a listing, but fees for making a sale are higher. If you have ever bought anything on Amazon it is very easy to alter your account to a sellers account.

Items can be listed very quickly by using the bar code number, and Amazon pay you directly into your bank account every 14 days. I managed to list about 250 items over a couple of evenings, and I make a couple of sales a week on average.

Amazon pay a credit to cover postage, but it is worth noting that posting a heavy hard backed book would cost more than the postage credit given so it’s probably better to list heavier items on Ebay where you can specify your own postage costs.

If 60 days has passed and your item didn’t sell, Amazon sends you an email, and it’s very easy to relist your items. People are always making “long tail” item-specific searches, so don’t be surprised if the most eclectic items find buyers…I strongly believe there is a buyer out there for every item..you just need to be patient!

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