Nov 22

3 Simple Ways to Earn and Save Money Online Reading Emails, Playing Games, and Taking Surveys

There are numerous ways to earn money online. Which one is right for you? How do you know what is legitimate what is not?

I have been online for about 10 years now. I have come across some pretty sly people over the years and have tried a number of things to save and earn money for my family. Here are a few that I have used recently.

Before starting your search you will need to answer the following questions for yourself.

? How much time do I have to spend online?

? How much money do I have to invest?

? Do I have the discipline to carry out my end of a contract?

1. Inbox dollars

You sign up for a free account. New sign ups receive a $5.00 credit into their account. You read emails, shop if you choose, play games if you choose, and participate in surveys if you choose. You can also download store coupons which earn you .10 cents when you use them. The payout for this program is $30.00.

Be aware of what you sign up for and read everything especially things marked with asterisks as these usually give you the important details that all the advertising hype does not. If you install their toolbar you will earn .01 cent for each qualifying search up to 5 searches per day.

2. My points

This is a free account. You read emails, use coupons, shop online, play games, and take surveys to earn points that will eventually earn you gift cards and other rewards. This is the only program I have earned enough to redeem rewards from. Since joining in October of 2009 I have received two $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificates.

When shopping online I always check their site first for free shipping offers and points for shopping offers for the store I am shopping at. For instance, when the children receive gift cards for birthdays or holidays I found I could earn points by shopping at that store via MyPoints?. This earned me points which I saved and then redeemed for the Amazon Gift Certificates.

Mypoints? now offers In Store Points. You do have to register a credit card but it makes earning points a lot easier as you are earning by shopping at your local grocery or department stores instead of online.

3. Swag Bucks

Swag Bucks is a new venue for me as I just joined in June. I do know an online blogger who saved her Amazon rewards she earned via Swag Bucks to purchase a $300.00 KitchenAid Mixer for a mere $50. That was wise.

This program is similar to the previous ones in that you earn by completing offers, taking surveys, playing games, redeeming coupons, or shopping online. You can also earn by searching using their toolbar.

Again you can earn your Swag Bucks and purchase items from their store including gift certificates to popular venues. One thing I like about this one is that one of the items you can purchase with Swag Bucks is PayPal Cash which by the way my preferred reward.

I hope I have shared enough valuable information here for you. Please do be careful and make sure you know what you are getting into. Do not give out your credit card or personal information as these are not necessary to earn rewards, points, or Swag Bucks. It is an option but not necessary.

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